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 Out of the many issues involving divorce, child support is one of the most complex. During a divorce, rational thinking is low and emotions are high. Any agreements you make now will have an impact on your child’s current life and their future life, as well. It’s vital to have a legal team behind you that understands this.

Many times, custodial parents of small children don’t think as far ahead into the future as they should, for example, preparing for college expenses. When you are a divorcing parent of a small child, you may not have the stability or the foresight to think that far ahead.

The outstanding legal expertise at Winkler, Kurtz & Winkler will not only help you in the present moment, but will help you safeguard a secure future for your children as well. It is easy to think that child support is only a percentage of a parent’s salary, but there is so much more involved:

  • Child-care expenses such as daycare or aftercare
  • Medical and dental expenses, healthcare premiums
  • Insurance products and co-pays
  • Tutoring
  • College applications, testing, tuition, room and board, travel and study abroad, and so much more

Child support, unfortunately, is often disputed. There are times when a non-custodial parent is being asked for an unfair and unreasonable amount of support as well.

At Winkler, Kurtz & Winkler, attorney James R. Winkler will tirelessly fight on your behalf and on the behalf of your children’s future. With decades of legal expertise and a gleaming reputation, our firm is dedicated to obtaining the fairest child support.

Focusing on the best interest of the children, we want to ensure that your child is properly provided for as much as you do, both now and in their future.


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