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Are Motorcycle Crash Bars Worth It?

What’s The Debate?

The debate about the effectiveness of motorcycle crash bars rumbles on. Our motorcycle accident lawyers on Long Island weigh in on whether or not the bar is adequate. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Winkler Kurtz, LLP by clicking here for a free consultation

Understanding Motorcycle Crash Bars

To start with, let me say up front that there are no guarantees in life, and when it comes to accidents, whether you ride a bike or do anything else for that matter, it is always better to be prepared for the worst.

But it is also important to realize that these aftermarket accessories are just that, “aftermarket.” They may not be designed or tested to meet the standards set by manufacturers and, in some cases, may even reduce the protection provided by your original equipment.

Example Scenario

Here’s an example; when you buy a new set of crash bars for your bike, they’re designed to work with a certain amount of clear space around the lower fairing and side panels. Anything that reduces this clearance will increase the likelihood of damage to your protective equipment and vital wires and hoses.

I’m pretty sure that most riders would agree that it is better to be prepared for a spill and have to replace fairing panels and bodywork rather than the engine, oil cooler, etc. But I’m also pretty sure you’ll agree that it’s better still not to drop your bike in the first place.

And this is where the “aftermarket” part of my argument comes in.

Crash bars, and most other aftermarket accessories for that matter, do not usually come with a “fit and forget” guarantee; they may assist your efforts to protect your bike, but they can never take them over. It would help if you still rode within your limits, and you should always be looking to cut the risk factor wherever possible by following “The Rules” for safe, enjoyable, and accident-free riding.

So what are the main points of my argument?

If you’ve already dropped your bike or if you’re about to buy another (read “previously owned”) model, then do consider fitting protective bars; they’ll reduce the chance of your bike ending up on its side when you go for that obligatory roadside chat with mother nature.

If you’re thinking about buying new then, unless they are an essential accessory to suit your needs or style (e.g., fitting luggage), try and resist the temptation to buy them at the same time; remember, you can never guarantee that you won’t drop your bike in the future. “Fit and forget” accessories are usually more expensive, don’t offer any real advantage over better quality original equipment, and often detract from your machine’s appearance.

And of course, depending on the type, design, and material used, they may even reduce protection by catching or snagging on other road users or objects you might encounter.

So is it worth buying crash bars?

So if crash bars are not a good investment, then why buy them at all? Well, I have been riding for over 30 years and, through that time, have fitted and removed my fair share of aftermarket accessories from different bikes. In other words, I know what’s involved, so here is my take on the pros and cons.

Crash bars are very good at their intended purpose, which is to protect your bike in the event of a crash or fall; they will often do this by preventing paint damage to vulnerable components such as engine cases and body panels, although not always. Fit them well, lock them down securely and use suitable quality locking mechanisms and you can be confident that your bike will still be there when you return from the pub.

They also make it easier to pick up a fallen bike; we all know what happens if we tilt it on its side stand and try and lift the other end – unless, of course, you’ve fitted heavy-duty lifting eyes like I have (more about these later) otherwise prepare to get wet! Simply leaning the bike against your crash bar/stand will usually provide enough stability for you to pick it up or move it out of harm’s way.

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