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If You Slip And Fall On An Icy Sidewalk, Who Is Responsible?

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Did you know that when snow and ice cover the sidewalks creating an unsafe environment for pedestrians, the property owner can be held accountable? The property owners may have to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages due to a slip and fall on their property due to icy conditions. Our Slip and Fall lawyer near Coram, NY can help you with your case.

The Property Owner’s Duty of Care

Slip and fall accidents are much more common than people think, especially when the temperatures begin to drop, snow begins to fall and ice covers the streets and sidewalks. When it comes to slip and fall cases it is important to understand the concept of duty of care. Typically, falls related to snow and ice happen in parking lots and commercial areas however, homeowners need to pay attention to their property as well. When it comes to the harsh winter weather with snow and ice, it is the property owner’s duty of care to periodically remove snow and ice within a reasonable amount of time. The failure to periodically remove the snow and reduce the risk of injuries caused by slips and falls is referred to as negligence. Our Slip and Fall lawyers near Coram, NY are experts when it comes to cases regarding negligence and understanding the property rules for your designated area. 

What You May Recover

If you slip and fall, you may be able to recover from the pain and suffering the injury caused you, lost wages caused by missed work, and the costs of your medical treatment. This overall assessment factors into your personal damages.  

What to do if You Are Injured in a Fall

If you are injured due to a slip or fall, you should first take care of your health and seek medical treatment. Then you must collect evidence to support your case. This includes reporting the accident to the owner of the premises where you fell. You should ask them for a written statement. Document and take pictures of the area surrounding your fall and take down the names and contact information of any witnesses. This will give your attorney an idea of what the area looked like at the time of your fall. Your final step is to get legal help from a Slip and Fall lawyer near Coram, NY so we can handle the rest.  

Contact Our Slip and Fall lawyer near Coram, NY

The seriousness of negligence can’t be ignored. Injuries of this type may make you entitled to compensation. Our experienced Slip and Fall lawyer near Coram, NY at Winkler Kurtz, LLP, will do everything they can to help you seek justice. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and get yourself the help you need!

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