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When Should I Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Motorcycles are a great way to get around while having a good time. They are convenient and much smaller, making them easy to maneuver while enjoying the fresh air. Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcycles are all too common and Motorcycle Accident Lawyers on Long Islandtend to have fatal outcomes. A motorcycle is much smaller than the other vehicles on the road. Therefore, it makes them more challenging to see, especially when driving fast. Motorcycles also urge risky behavior, depending on the driver and their specific driving preferences. If you are not skilled or lack experience driving motorcycles, this can increase the potential of a car accident.

Additionally, if the motorcycle driver does not have safety equipment, like a helmet, this can contribute to the severity of the injury from an accident. If you own a motorcycle and are involved in an accident with another car, it is essential to know the steps you should take. That is why the Winkler Kurtz LLP team is here to help! Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers on Long Island have had years of experience and success handling motorcycle accident cases. In most cases, you will need a lawyer to help you navigate receiving compensation from the other parties involved. 

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident? 

If anyone suffers from an injury in an accident, it is essential to call 911 to ensure the injured person gets the medical attention they need. Police officers will also arrive at the scene to investigate the situation further. If there was not an injury, it still might be beneficial to call an officer to the location of the accident to mediate and make a formal citation regarding the scene and damages. If you are unsure whether or not to call 911, we recommend that you go ahead and do so. It is better to be safe than sorry. In an accident involving a motorcycle, whether you were the motorcycle driver or an automobile driver, it is essential to exchange insurance information and primary contact information. After a motorcycle accident, it is beneficial to call our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers on Long Island to walk you through the complex steps of filing claims and working with insurance companies. We will help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, or we can help you if your case reaches a judge. No matter your situation, we will help you through your accident’s legal nature!

Who is at Fault? 

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are more complex than standard motor vehicle accidents. It is difficult to determine the cause of an accident involving a motorcycle, as they ride and operate differently from other vehicles. More specifically, a motorcyclist may lose control and crash due to another car’s reckless driving. This scenario complicates the “cause” of the accident, even though there weren’t two vehicles involved. Additionally, motorcycles are susceptible to hazardous road conditions. For example, severe potholes or gravel roads can cause a motorcyclist to lose control and crash into an object or another vehicle. An accident of this nature is usually no fault of the motorcyclist and can complicate the legal nature of the situation. Due to the complexities of scenarios like these, we recommend that you contact our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers on Long Island immediately. We can offer our expertise and ensure you receive your deserved compensation.

Contact Motorcycle Accident Lawyers on Long Island

Winkler Kurtz LLP is here to help you navigate your legal battles associated with personal injury and car accidents. We are passionate about helping our clients receive the compensation they are entitled to, whether for medical expenses, lost income, pain/suffering, or more. Our years of experience and well-established Motorcycle Accident Lawyers on Long Island have proved successful and are ready to help you today! Contact our office for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you. 

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