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What is the Leading Cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Long Island Car Accident LawyerMost motor vehicle accidents occur because of driver inattention or failure to obey traffic rules. However, there are other factors that cause such incidents as well: weather conditions (freezing rain, snow), slippery road surfaces, defective tires and brakes, incorrect tire pressure levels etc. If you need a Long Island Car Accident Lawyer, Winkler Kurtz can help. Below is a list of the seven leading causes for motor vehicle accidents:

#1 Failure to Obey Traffic Rules:

According to statistics, failure to follow traffic rules is one of the leading causes for motor vehicle accidents in most countries. This can happen when you get on a major road and proceed without obeying traffic lights or signs (running red lights), following too closely behind other vehicles etc. You must always obey traffic rules, as they are made to prevent such accidents.

#2 Fatigue:

In many cases, motor vehicle drivers may be driving for long hours without a break. This can cause fatigue that results in serious hazards on the road. To prevent such an incident from happening try to get plenty of rest before heading out. If you are tired, ask someone else to drive.

#3 Alcohol:

Refusing to accept a breathalyzer test is one of the leading causes for traffic violations. Another common factor that may cause an accident because of alcohol is when you are drinking with friends and decide to get in your vehicle after drinking a lot at a party or in a bar. If you wish to avoid such an accident, do not drink and drive.

#4 Speeding:

Another factor that can cause a motor vehicle accident is speeding. Always try to obey speed limits, as they are in place for your own safety. Going too fast will make it harder for you to break in case of emergency or if something unexpected happens on the road.

#5 Defective Auto Parts:

Defective auto parts are one of the most common causes of traffic accidents in different countries, as drivers often do not suspect them to be a cause of such incidents. Make sure you always maintain your vehicle and make any required repairs in time. If something seems amiss or defective on your vehicle, contact a mechanic to fix it before you get back on the road.

#6 Drunk Driving:

Just like alcohol can cause motor vehicle accidents when abused by drivers, driving under the influence of drugs can also lead to an accident. If you have been consuming medication or certain substances, do not get behind the wheel.

#7 Weather Conditions:

In most cases, weather conditions and the road itself can be major causes of accidents. This happens when drivers are blinded by ice or snow on the surface, slippery rocks etc. Make sure you leave plenty of distance between other vehicles to avoid colliding with each other. Also check if your tires have enough traction before embarking on a long journey.

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