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How Much Can I Sue For a Dog Bite?

Suffolk County Dog Bite LawyersEvery state is different regarding the cases and compensation that you are eligible to receive if an animal harms you. It also depends on the circumstances surrounding the bite. In most cases, animal bite cases revolve around dogs. Dog owners have a lot of responsibility for their dogs and can receive severe punishment if they injure someone. If a dog that is not yours injures you, you are entitled to compensation—the compensation amount you are entitled to depend on the specific situation and injury caused by the bite. The Winkler Kurtz LLP team is here to help you navigate your dog bite case. Our Suffolk County Dog Bite Lawyers have the experience and professionalism to help you navigate through your injury and legal matters. 

What is a Dangerous Dog?

States differ in what they consider a dangerous dog. In New York, a few definitions determine whether a dog falls into this category. A dangerous dog is regarded as one if it injures or kills a person without justification or exhibits behavior that proves the dog is a threat to causing injury or death to a person with no justification. In New York, law enforcement dogs are exempt from this when considered working dogs. A “dangerous dog” does not have to bite someone to be considered this. They may exhibit erratic behavior that causes injury without necessarily biting. If there is a problematic dog situation, the liability falls on the dog’s owner.

Suing for A Dog Bite

No matter how much effort the owner of a dog puts into preventing injury or death to another person from the cause of their dog, they are liable. That is the responsibility one takes when one adopts a dog. In some cases, suing might not be the right option because the cons outweigh the pros. For example, the pet owner may not have insurance or assets. Therefore, in the end, you may not receive any compensation. It is essential to contact our Suffolk County Dog Bite Lawyers to help navigate the benefits of suing after a dog bite. We can help you make the best decision for you regarding your situation. Every situation is different and requires a lawyer that will listen to make the proper decision. 

How Much Can I Sue For In a Dog Bite Case?

The amount of money that you can sue for depends on the situation. Every case is different and requires an understanding of the damages from the dog. The typical amount won for a dog bite case is around $40,000. Generally, you can sue for a more significant amount if any of the following occur:

If you are looking to sue an owner after their dog caused physical or mental harm to you, our Suffolk County Dog Bite Lawyers will help you get the most compensation possible. It isn’t your fault that this happened, and we want to help you get the compensation you deserve.  

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The Winkler Kurtz LLP attorneys are here to help you navigate through the tough times. Our office focuses on treating every client as an individual. We know times are tough and want to help remove the confusion and difficulty that comes with dealing with the law. Our Suffolk County Dog Bite Lawyers can provide the proper guidance for you to receive the appropriate compensation. Every situation is different, but we will work with you to ensure you get the help and compensation you deserve for your injury. Contact our office for a free consultation regarding your dog bite case. 

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