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What is the Suffolk County Red Light Safety Program?

Long Island Car Accident LawyerIn 2010, Suffolk County decided to implement the Red Light Safety Program to promote road safety and prevent car accidents associated with large intersections. Unfortunately, drivers running red lights are a common cause of car accidents, especially fatal ones. While this program has successfully prevented some accidents, they can still happen. That is why Winkler Kurtz LLP is here to help if you are involved in a car accident. Our Long Island Car Accident Lawyer is trained and experienced in fighting the most challenging car accident legal battles. Additionally, there are appeal processes through the Red Light Safety Program, and you may need an attorney to help you navigate the process. We want to ensure you are safe and receive the compensation you deserve from a car accident!

What is the Red Light Safety Program?

This program involves setting up red-light cameras to change the way people drive on the streets of Suffolk County. The idea is to prevent people from risking running a red light because if they do, they will receive a fine through the red light camera. The cameras are placed at specific locations with data to show significant car crashes, traffic, and continual red light violations. An important thing to note about this program is the fact that there cannot be a camera at an intersection without proper signage and communication of a camera. 

Appropriate signage is a necessary part of the program and ensures that everyone driving through an intersection knows about the imaging. The idea is that the cameras will only go off and capture a license plate if the car enters the intersection after the light has turned red. It will not go off for a vehicle passing through on a yellow light or a yellow light that turns red as long as the car entered the intersection when the light was yellow. The general fine for running a red light in an intersection with a camera is $80, and there is a $25 late fee. You will still receive the penalty even if someone else is driving the car registered in your name. Car accidents still occur at intersections and due to running red lights, even though this program aims to combat that. Additionally, the appeal process for a fine from this program can be lengthy and complex. Our Long Island Car Accident Lawyer is here to help you navigate the legal procedures regarding car accidents or appeals. 

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Legal proceedings are complicated to deal with, no matter the situation. That is why it is critical to hire a professional in the field. Winkler Kurtz LLP is here to provide counsel and answer any questions you might have regarding your situation. Our Long Island Car Accident Lawyer is here for you, whether appealing a fine or requiring assistance collecting compensation after a car accident. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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