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In which areas does your employer have a responsibility to protect you from struck-by hazards?

Were you or a loved one recently harmed in a work-related incident? Employers are legally and ethically responsible for protecting their employees from struck-by hazards in various areas. If you believe an employer has breached their duty of care and their negligent acts lead to an injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and other expenses. 

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Construction Sites

Employers in the construction industry are responsible for implementing safety measures to protect workers from being struck by falling objects, moving equipment, or vehicles.

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities:

Employers in manufacturing and industrial settings should ensure that workers are protected from being struck by heavy machinery, equipment, or materials during manufacturing.

Warehouses and Material Handling

Employers with warehouses or distribution centers must provide safety measures to prevent struck-by incidents related to handling materials, forklift operations, and storage systems.


Employers in agriculture need to protect workers from struck-by hazards associated with machinery, farm equipment, and falling objects.

Transportation and Logistics:

Employers in the transportation industry should ensure the safety of employees loading and unloading goods, working around vehicles, and handling cargo to prevent struck-by accidents.

Retail and Commercial Environments:

Even in retail and commercial establishments, employers should take measures to protect employees and customers from being struck by falling merchandise or equipment.


Employers should safeguard employees from struck-by hazards, such as equipment or patient-related incidents in healthcare settings.

Maintenance and Repair

In maintenance and repair, employers should provide safety measures to prevent workers from being struck by tools, equipment, or vehicles while performing their duties.

Office Environments

While the risks are generally lower in office settings, employers should promote safety awareness to prevent struck-by hazards related to office equipment, ergonomic issues, or workplace layout.

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Employers are typically required to implement safety protocols, provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), offer training and education on hazard recognition, and ensure a safe work environment to minimize the risk of struck-by incidents. Specific safety regulations and guidelines may vary by industry and location, so employers and employees must be aware of and comply with relevant safety standards.

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